Dry Citracon

Dry Haemodialysis Concentrate
Acid Concentrate using Citric Acid
A Known Anticoagulant

Advantages of Citrate concentrate over conventional concentrate:
•  Reduces Heparin consumption up to 45%.
•  Very effective in heparin free dialysis since it is a known anti-coagulant.
•  Dialyzer reuse increases up to 30%.
•  Increases dialysis dose Kt/V and URR.
•  Reduces heparin cost.
• Reduces heparin related complications viz Osteoporosis, Pruritis, disturbed Lipid Metabolism etc.
•  Elimination of Acetate related complications.
•  Reduced inflammation.
•  Can be used with patients suffering from liver failure
•  Reducing metabolic acidosis

Compare the difference

Space required for 1000 lit. liquid Conc. 15" x 90" x7O" Space required for 1000 lit, Dry Conc. 28" x24" x 1,4" - Saving 90% space
Transportation - cumbersome and expensive Transportation - easy and cost is negligible
52 purchase orders per year 12 purchase orders per year
52 deliveries per year L2 deliveries per year

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