Frequently Asked Questions - Renaclean Cold Sterilant

Q: How RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant is different than other conventional reuse reagents?
A: RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant is the stabilized mixture of Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acetic Acid. It does the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization at a single goal. So no need to handle many chemical cans to do the reprocessing of dialyser, blood tubing set.

Q: What is the benefit to the Hospital?
A: The price of RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant is almost the same as cumulative cost of conventionally used chemicals. No need to handle multiple venders for Formalin, sodium hypochlorite & Hydrogen Peroxide which does not give assured results on account of adulteration. Increase in the reuse of dialysers and blood tubing set will reduce the consumption of the same.

Q: What is the advantage of RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant to the clinical staff in the dialysis centers?
A: No throat, eye, nose irritation. No foul smell. No stuffy dialyzer cleaning rooms! RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant is non carcinogenic there by does not affect technicians/ staff health. Very easy to use.

Q: How to use RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant for the manual reuse of dialyser and blood tubing set?
A: RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant is potent and highly concentrated Sterliant and has to be diluted before with RO water (AAMI quality water) to makes working solution for sterilizing Haemodialysis Machine & accessories. Add 40ml RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant to 960ml RO water to make 1 liter working solution. While making larger volumes same ratio has to be maintained. Dilution – Manual reuse = 4% i.e. 400ml to make 10 Liters Diluted Disinfectant has to be used within 7 days from the date of dilution.

Q: Can RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant be used in automated dialyser reuse machines?

Q: What is the advantage to the patients?
A: RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant is chloride and aldehyde free hence does not give severe reaction to patients at the time of initiation of Dialysis with reused Dialyzers / Bloodlines. After prolonged use of formalin anti-nuclear antibodies are developed in the dialysis patient, which affects their transplant status. This does not occur with RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant.

Q: Can it be used in haemodialysis machine for chemical disinfection?
A: YES, It can remove and prevent organic deposits like bio-film and calcium carbonate scales (precipitates) very effectively which generally produces in the hydrolics of dialysis machines after bicarbonate dialysis. Just by using daily once RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant reduces the frequency of machine breakdown and improves the haemodialysis machine shelf life. 10 minutes dwelling time is required for the best cleaning action. Being a cold sterilent it is never used with Hot rinse. Generally it is used in chemical disinfection / acid rinse mode of the dialysis machine. Dilution ratio and usage instructions should be followed by machine manual.

Q: Is RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant cleared for clinical use by FDA?

A: RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant can be stored at room temperature and does not require refrigeration. Store in vertical position. Cap firmly after every use. DO NOT TAMPER WITH AIR VENT. Do not expose to direct sunlight or source of heat.

Q: What are the safety and precautions while handling RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant?
A: All personnel handling RENACLEAN Cold Sterliant should wear safety goggles and rubber gloves. In case of accidental spill on any part of body wash with plenty of water and seek medical help. Wash empty container thoroughly with water and crush or puncture before scrapping it.

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