Frequently Asked Questions - Renaclean+ DRS

Q: How much time does Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing Machine take to reprocess 2 dialyzers?
A: Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System takes only 12 minutes for 2 dialyzers. i.e. 6 minutes per dialyzer.

Q: What are the steps involved in reprocessing dialyzer in Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System?
A:Steps involved in reprocessing dialyzer on Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing Machine are as follows:
Step I - Rinses the dialyzer with about 20 P.S.I. water pressure thereby removing the blood, proteins, etc. from the dialyzer completely.
Step II – It cleans the dialyzer using 2.5% Renaclean Cold Sterilant and by using reverse ultra filtration technique.
Step III- It checks the bundle volume and the membrane integrity.
Step IV – It fills dialyzer with 3.5% Renaclean Cold Sterilant for sterilization.

Q: What are the testing criterias used by Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System for testing the dialyzer?
A: Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing Machine does 2 types of test – one is Bundle Volume Test and the other is Pressure Test. It rejects the dialyzer if the bundle volume is less than 80% as per AAMI standards. It fails the pressure test, if the pressure drop is more than 8% per 30 Sec. for low flux dialyzers, 10% per 30 sec. for midflux dialyzers and 12% per 30 sec. for highflux dialyzers.

Q: How many reuses can be expected while reprocessing dialyzers in Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System?
A: Reuses depend on lot of factors but from our past experience it is found that reuses can be doubled as compared to manual reuse. For eg. If you get 6 reuses manually, you are likely to get 10-12 reuses using Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System.

Q: How much RO water is consumed for reprocessing one dialyzer?
A: Approx. 7 ltrs.

Q: How much power is consumed by the machine?
A: Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System consumes 140W per hour and assuming that machine is running for 14-15 hours , machine consumes about 2 units per day.

Q: How much Renaclean Cold Sterilant is used by the machine for reprocessing one dialyzer?
A:It takes only 26.5 ml. for rinsing, cleaning and sterilizing one dialyzer.

Q: How much is the cost of Renaclean Cold Sterilant for reprocessing one dialyzer in Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System?
A: As it needs only 26.5ml. for reprocessing one dialyzer, one 5 litre canister costing Rs.2,475/- can reprocess about 188 dialyzers thereby costing about Rs.13/- per dialyzer.

Q: How often machine needs disinfection and bleach?
A: It is recommended that at the end of every day, machine should be disinfected and bleach disinfection should be carried out once in two months only.

Q: Why should I buy Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System when I can reprocess dialyzer manually?
A: First of all to ensure the quality of reprocessed dialyzers and validation. Manually you can not guarantee the quality of reprocessed dialyzers as it would tend to vary from person to person. Further there is no validation as there is no way a technician can check the bundle volume and the membrane integrity of each and every dialyzer.

Secondly, you can reduce the cost of dialyzer per dialysis as you can double the reuses as compared to the no. of reuses that you get with manual reprocessing.

Given below is the calculation of the saving:

  No. of Dialysis/  month No.of Dialyzers used per month Cost of Dialyzer / Dialysis Approx. Cost of Dialyzers / month Approx. Cost of Dialyzers / year
Manual Reuse of Dialyzer 1000 200 @ 5 reuses Rs.125.00 Rs.125,000.00 Rs.15,00,000.00
Automated Reuse of Dialyzer 1000 100 @ 10 Reuses Rs. 62.50 Rs.62,500 00 Rs.7,50,000.00
Saving   100 Rs. 62.50 Rs.62,500.00 Rs.7,50,000.00

Q: Why should I buy Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System manufactured in India when imported Dialyzer Reprocessing Systems are available?
A: Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System is CE certified, double station and designed by Dr. Prakash Keshaviah who is a well known authority on dialysis. Since the machine is manufactured in India the spare parts are freely available at all times and at very economical prices. As the price of double station Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing Machine is almost 2/3rd the effective price per station works out to 1/3rd of the price of the imported reprocessing machines. Apart from this, there are lot of features which are not available in imported reprocessing machines. Please refer to the comparison sheet available in this website under the heading downloads.

Q: Is there any chance of cross-contamination with Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System as two dialyzers are being simultaneously reprocessed?
A: No, the System has been carefully designed by world renowned Dialysis Expert, Dr. Prakash Keshaviah to prevent cross-contamination because of the following design principles that have been invoked in the hydraulic system design.
•  Valves used in the system are one-way valves that do not allow reverse flow.
•  Valve closure is achieved with a high spring force sealing a polymeric membrane against a flush machined surface providing complete clusre against pressures up to 20 P.S.I.
•  All flows naturally take place from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure
•  When the blood compartment is being flushed as well as during reverse filtration, the manifold design and valve openings are such that the flow goes directly to the drain line, the area of lowest pressure in the system
•  During this flow to drain, 2 closed valves prevent any fluid flushed from one dialyzer being able to contaminate the other dialyzer
•  Because of the high flow rates used during the cleaning process, convective transport greatly exceeds any potential for diffusive transport of contaminants. Further, diffusive distances are too long, and cleaning times too short, for diffusive transport.

Q: What is the life of Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing Machine?
A: The life of Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System is about 7 years or 70,000 cycles whichever is earlier.

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