Rena Drycon Automatic Mixer

Haemodialysis Concentrate Mixing System
fully automatic with online pH and conductivity meter.

Just press the mixer button, pour the powder and leave the rest to the Programmed Logic Controller, which fills the required amount of water, mixes, checks pH as well as conductivity online and filters the solution of 0 liters batch within 20 minutes.

All this without even worrying about any human errors as the online Ph and meters conductivity would detect any human error and warn by giving an alarm and a message on the LCD making it totally safe.
PLC even takes care of the cleaning between A & B concentrate batches.
In case of any malfunction in the system, it can be used in manual mode thereby ensuring 100% uptime.

Technical data:

Model- Rena-Drycon
Capacity 160 liters
Processing time 20 mins
Concentrates Acid and Bicarb
Electrical 230V ac,15amp,1ph,50Hz
Dimension- 48” depth x 25” width

Compare the difference
For 1000 liters space required for Can 150”x90”x70” For 1000 liters space required for Dry Concentrate 28”x24”x14”-Saving 90% space
52 purchase orders per year 12 purchase orders per year
52 deliveries per year 12 deliveries per year

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