Haemodialysis Concentrates

Haemodialysis Concentrates
Atlantic Biomedical specializes in the manufacturing of quality of Haemodialysis Concentrates since the last 25 years. It manufactures the following formulas of Haemodialysis Concentrates:
•   Bicarbonate Concentrate
•   Calcium free Bicarbonate Concentrate
•   Pottasium free Bicarbonate Concentrate
•   Acetate Concentrate

CITRACON Concentrates for Heparin-Free Dialysis
CITRACON is a Haemodialysis Concentrate for Heparin-Free Dialysis.
Atlantic Biomedicals manufactures CITRACON. It offers the following advantages over conventional Haemodialysis Concentrates:
•  Better dialysis for those patients where heparin is contraindicated, such as heparin antibodies or allergies.
•  Acute dialysis where there is a risk of bleeding or clotting.
•  Preventing dialyzer clotting thus improving dose of dialysis.
•  Reducing metabolic atidosis.
•  Increasing reuse of dialyzers.

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