Renaclean Cold Sterilant

Atlantic Biomedical manufactures Renaclean ® Cold Sterliant under FDA approval for domestic as well as international market. Renaclean Cold Sterliant is used for cleaning and disinfecting dialyzers / blood lines in manual as well as dialyzer reprocessing machines.

•   Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sterilizing Dialyzer/ Bloodline for reuse.
•  Disinfecting and Effectively cleaning Bio-film and Calcium precipitates to reduce Haemodialysis machine      breakdown.
•   Can be used as a Disinfectant in any dialyzer reprocessing machine as well as for manual       reuse.

Broad Spectrum
•   Kills bacteria, fungus and yeast.
•  Effective against non tuberculoses mycobacterium, virus and spores at low temperature & low      concentration.
•   No Eye, Nose and Throat irritation to user.
•   Simple to dilute and use, shorter Sterilization time than formalin.

Bio Degradable : Environmentally Friendly, Breaks down into Oxygen, Water and Acetic acid.

Cost Effective
•   Almost equivalent in cost to the combined cost of conventionally available chemicals.
•   Available at 1/3 rd the cost of imported cold Sterilant.

The concentration of peracitic acid in "RENACLEAN®" is sufficient not only to react with the cell wall proteins but also to penetrate into the interior of the cells, oxidizing all protein contents. The peroxide content is an efficient cleaning agent and Sterilant.

Application In Other Industries
"RENACLEAN®" is an effective Sterilant formulated for use after dilution for many applications, for example, high purity water systems, medical and laboratory equipment,etc.. Consult with your machine manufacturer about "Instruction For Use"

•   A cold sterilant that is glutaraldehyde free
•   More effective than formaldehyde, ethanol and sodium hydroxide (which are only disinfectants, which kills most bacteria and some spores but not all microorganisms)
•   Effective against non-tuberculoses mycobacterium including HIV(associated with AIDS),hepatitis viruses and microorganisms when used as a Sterilant.

•   Discharges to drain where it breaks down into oxygen, acetic acid and water
. •   Shelf life is 12 months.


Hydrogen Peroxide : 21% w/w
Peracetic Acid : 4% w/w
Acetic Acid : 10% w/w

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