Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System

Renaclean+ Dialyzer reprocessing system is a double station dialyzer reprocessing system with a color touch screen and a built-in printer.
It reprocesses two dialyzers in just 12 minutes.

It is a user-friendly, compact and sturdy machine manufactured for the first time in India at its ISO 13485 certified state of the art factory at Dehradun.

It is designed by our honorary technical advisor Dr. Prakash Keshaviah, a well known authority on Dialysis along with our talented team of engineers. Renaclean+ Dialyzer Reprocessing System is CE certified.

Renaclean+ ® subjects each dialyzer through a stringent testing process to ascertain its reusability. If the dialyzer fails even one test it is tagged "REJECT"

Pressure Test for Membrane Integrity
During the process each dialyzer is pressure tested. Even if a slightest membrane leak is detected, the dialyzer is rejected, thereby preventing loss of blood and bacterial contamination.

Volume Test for Dialyzer Efficiency
To further ensure quality and patient health, the dialyzer is subjected to a volume test. This ensures adequacy of Dialysis by rejecting Dialyzers with less than 80% bundle volume.

Printed Results And Patient Database For Validation And Analysis
The result of each reprocessing is printed by the built in DOT MATRIX printer. The printed results are used for validation of dialyzer reuse data. The database of 100 patients can be saved in a pen drive for further analysis.Printer accomodates adhesive labels for easy and convinient application on dialyzers.

 Renaclean+ ® not only offers you quality that is safe for your patients, it is also economical to use.
•  Uses Reverse UF for better cleaning, thus Ensuring increased reusability of Dialyzer there by reducing the cost of Dialyzer per treatment.
•  Reverse UF technique also saves RO. Water.
•  Cleaning, Testing and disinfecting two Dialyzers simultaneously saves time.

Renaclean+ ® ensures the safety of each patient by having a set of interlinked safety features:
•  Standardized process ensures uniformity in the Dialyzer Reprocessing as compared to Manual Method.
•  Uses Negative pressure technique to separate the air in liquid to ensure proper mixing of disinfectant for better cleaning and disinfection.
•  Auto Suction and internal dilution to avoid operators direct exposure to Concentrated Disinfectant.
•  Auto Self test ensures that all parameters of the machine are operating well.
•  Optional Bar code scanner for automatic validation and to avoid human mistakes.

Simplicity In Operation
•  Water proof 5.7" color LCD with Touch Screen ensures selection of any process with just touch of a button.
•  Single Button start with Auto Self test.
•  Stores Dialyzer technical data for easy selection and quicker data input for reprocessing.
•  Renaclean+® dialyzer reprocessing system has a unique customized cleaning step selection option.
•  Uses RENACLEAN® Cold Sterilant for both Reprocessing and Disinfection.
•  Easy maintenance with system rinse & disinfection cycle using RENACLEAN® / bleach.

Technical Specifications

Dimension 17"X20"X 14"
Weight 38 KGS
Voltage 220V/110VAC,50-60Hz,2A
Power 140W
Leakage Current <0.1mA,220V
Ambient Temperature 5-400C
Relative Humidity 10 -80%
DISPLAY 5.7" color LCD with Touch Screen. Complete function on LCD.
PRINTER Built in Dot Matrix Printer.
Purity R.O. Water in accordance with latest AAMI/ ANSI Standard for haemodialysis
Inlet Pressure 20 psi - 55 psi
Inlet Temperature 10 - 40°C
InletFlow 3Ltr/min
WaterConsumption 7 Ltr 1cycle
Drainage Below Base of Machine, unobstructed, open to atmosphere
Renaclean Cold Sterilant
Concentration 3.5 %
Volume Required 53 ml per Cycle of two dialyzer
Max. Pump Distance 1 METER
Pressure Test 340mmHg pressure applied on the blood side for 30 Sec. Pressure drop should be less than 8%. for low flux dialyzer , 10% for middle flux dialyzer and 12% for high flux dialyzer to pass the pressure test.
Volume Fail Limit Automatically set at 80% of dialyzer's original priming volume.
Volume Test Scope 0-255 ml (accuracy: +3ml)
REPROCESSING TIME 12 mins for two dialyzers at a time.

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